Project Overview

Pressland is building a fundamentally new data layer for news production, designed to rebuild public trust in media. I've helped Pressland's team in guiding their digital visual direction for the launch of the full product.

Pressland – Landing Page


Initially, the scope was to design their Web Platform, but it quickly escalated to taking on all the digital presence including: Landing Page, Illustrations, Social Media Graphic, Motion for their video and similar. To fullfile this, I've gathered a team of few talented people to help me with it. Knowing Pressland's friendly team and serious mission, I wanted to have a mix of professional but still friendly way of look & feel. So, I've setted direction for the Landing Page, that we implemented through other assets.

Pressland – Landing Page 1
Pressland – Landing Page 2

With the help of illustrator (Tereza Cenic), we ended up using these shapes that would symbolize hand-writting and process of writing.

Pressland – Landing Page
Pressland – Illustrations 1
Pressland – Illustrations 2

Bofore → This is what the website looked like before we started the project


After → The result after the project

The process

As we didn't have strict project scope at the beginning, but rather flexible depending on the priorities, below are some of the directions for various sections that I was exploring when closely communicating to the Pressland's team in trying to figure out what would be the most important sections of the Website/Landing Page. 




Scope & Deliverables

Web design
Responsive design


Tereza Cenic - Illustrations
Marko Ivanovic - Pitch Deck
Milos Subotic - Animation
Lazar Todorovic - Social Media Graphic

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