Project Overview

Remodelmate is an online marketplace for buying, selling, and managing home renovations. I was hired to redesign whole website and implement fresh new branding that our team prepared. 

Remodelmate Renovations Website 2


With the new website I wanted to make sure that we're capturing all the things about Remodelmate's offerings, but still not overwhelm visitors with too much information at any point. That's why I was striving to make good balance between keeping sections clean and still adding branded touch in order to connect visitors to the Remodelmate as a brand. 

Remodelmate Renovations Website 6
Remodelmate Renovations Website 5
Remodelmate Renovations Website 4
Remodelmate Renovations Website 6

Bofore → Home Page before we started working


After → Final result of the Home Page

The process

After agreeing on priorities and doing research for UX and Art Direction, I started exploring some potential directions - with the goal of showing the right content at the right time. At first I started doing wireframes on paper as it is the fastest way to see how we can structure sections, and some of these sketches became mid-high fidelity wireframes. These wires enabled us to make sure that the message we're communicating to visitors is on point, but also going with the client step by step is much easier when revamping the story of the whole website.


No matter if I'm doing low/high wireframes, in the exploration stage I usually do paper wireframes as the ones above/below. It helps me to see which ideas make sense, as well as better structuring the content. Sometimes I end up using the exact same layout as I sketched on paper (for some sections), as shown on these paper sketches compared to wireframes on the right.




Scope & Deliverables

Web design
Responsive design


Djordje Vanjek - Managing Project & Web App
Marko Ivanovic - Branding
Tereza Cenic - Illustrations

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